Article Creation and Distribution

Article Creation and Distribution

The foundation for any local business's SEO (search engine optimization) efforts today should start with a professionally managed Local Search Marketing program.

Such a program will ensure that your business's citation is accurate and consistent across all of the major data aggregators, which in turn provide data to thousands of internet directories and the major search engines.

Great Articles - A Fundamental Component

There are many components (google says it considers over 200 things) that impact your position or rank in the organic search engine results pages.

The second most important thing, however that still impacts your position is the quality and quantity of good links from other sites that the search engines consider authoritative.

The Composition of a Well-written Article for Your Restaurant

A well-written article will include content that is both attractive to search engines and compelling to human readers as well.

It should be logically outlined and should include your restaurant's USPs (Unique Selling Propositions).

Links back to your site should also be connected to one or more important keyword phrases.

Preferably, you will have a link to your website's home page and at least one other "deep link" to another important page on your website.