Frequently Asked Questions

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Website Services Questions

How much do you charge for creating a restaurant website?

We charge about $100 per page for website design.  Most of the work required is creating and customizing your theme.  

Our designs typically include slide shows and embedded video and usually do NOT include creating a complete menu.  (The restaurant owner usually does this themselves using our easy menu maker).

eMenu Maker Questions

How do I sign up?

You will need to register at Best Way Websites for any and all of the services offered by Best Choice Restaurants.

Signup is always free.


What if I don't want to use photos for my menu?

If you don't select a photo to show off your dish, a placeholder will fill this area that says "No Image Available."

  • We urge you to take the time to take photos of your dishes.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Images sell!

SMS Blastpad Questions

What does the SMS BlastPad Cost?

There is a one-time purchase fee of $495, which includes the unit and programming for your restaurant.

There is a minimum $25 monthly fee, which includes 500 monthly free SMS credits, which roll over indefinitely.  

SMS (text message) credits may also be purchased in bulk for lower costs per message.