Website Services for Restaurants

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Website Services for Restaurants

We provide a complete suite of Website Services for restaurants!

Website Design

We employ what we have termed "Results Based Website Development".  When developing (or redeveloping as we often do) a website for a restaurant, we know that we must create a site that the restaurant owner is pleased with.  We also want to be proud of it.  

However, results based website development requires an understanding of the restaurant's target audience because ultimately, the website must appeal to them and move them to the course of action that the restaurant owners and managers want them to take.

Better Than a Portfolio!

Website Hosting

We own and maintain our own web hosting servers.  We keep them current.  We don't overcrowd them!  We are true providers of business class website hosting.

We keep our machines virus free and provide great SPAM filtering for our clients that use our hosting and email services.

Our hosting is very affordable, but we are not trying to be "cheap."  We offer only business class hosting which starts at $150 per year.

Website Maintenance

Most of our clients subscribe to a service bundle that includes our easy website editor (with unlimited, USA phone support) and internet marketing.

We also provide complete website maintenance.  You've got options!

Website Internet Marketing (Local Search Marketing)

Every restaurant needs a local search marketing program if they want to have good visibility in local search.  We offer both a basic and an advanced local search marketing program.

Our programs combine social media, google assets and well as submission and monthly maintenance for all five major US data aggregators, ensuring good visibility across multiple platforms.