Online Menu Maker for Restaurants

Online Menu Maker for Restaurants

We have two options for you regarding having an online menu print on your website.

Note: we are reconfiguring this menu function 12/19/2018 - 12/21/2018

Service will be interrupted as a result.

1. Our Food Menu in the Best Way Websites CMS

We have a great food menu plugin that is a part of our website editor or CMS (content management system).  It is super-easy to use, 100% mobile friendly and enables you to add photos of your dishes with a one-click conversion to a printable PDF for your website visitors.

You must be a subscriber to Best Way Websites in order to use this program.


2. Our Independent Best Choice Restaurants eMenu Maker

The great benefit of this program is you may use it FREE without being a subscriber to Best Way Websites.  You may also feature your dishes with photos and it is also 100% mobile-friendly.

All that is required to use it is a simple link back to Best Choice Restaurants that automatically posts below the menu.  If you remove this link, the menu will not work.

If you feel like you must remove the link, then a payment of $100 per year is required and there will be no back-link to Best Choice Restaurants.