Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Best Choice Restaurants, a Best Way Websites' brand, has teamed up with A1 Email Marketing to provide a business-class email marketing platform for local restaurant owners.

Here are a few of the things that make our program different AND BETTER than our competition:

  • Fully custom email templates
  • Deliverability quality testing
  • Each client's email account is assigned a unique IP
  • Reverse DNS is configured for each IP
  • Each client's emails are sent from their own account via SMTP (this improves deliverables and greatly reduces emails flagged for SPAM
  • Surveys are included
  • Links can be tracked and reports tell you opens and clicks
  • 100% CANSPAM Act compliant
  • Data imports / exports
  • Easy sorting and segmenting of lists
  • Accessible via the Best Way Websites CMS Panel

Accounts start at just $25/mo and do not require a contract.