Management Services

Management Services

A Restaurant Personnel Management Aid

Our feedback and reviews program works on your website and provides you with an easy way to monitor how you are doing regarding important aspects of your business via your NPS.

When customer's provide their feedback, they can tell you directly about their experiences with your restaurant: food quality, cleanliness, ambiance and your staff interactions.

Customer Feedback NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Our website CMS includes a easy to use and powerful Feedback and Reviews program.

The Best Way Websites CMS connects to Locals.Reviews, which puts an easy to use and powerful Feedback and Reviews program that utilizes the popular NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Reviews Start on your Own Website

In the first step, your clients provide feedback via our plugin on your own website.  From there, you have pre-configured the balance of their experience depending upon the score (0 - 10) they provide for you.

You control the flow of reviews based upon how they rate their experience with you.  Their score will identify them as a:

  • Promoter (9-10)
  • Passive (7-8)
  • Detractor (1-6)

and the next step they are presented depends upon the settings you provide.

This gives you control.

Fortunately, there is one place where you are in full control of the feedback and reviews process: on your own website!

  • If they give you a 9-10 (4.5 or 5.0 stars), then they are presented with the options that you provide.  They are thanked for their valuable feedback and asked to choose a reviews platform to also leave a review.

  • Feedback that they provide on your site does NOT automatically post.  You will receive and email and/or text alert and then login and check the feedback if you want it to show as a review on your site.

  • You may respond to their feedback by email, phone or posting it on your site.

Manually Add Reviews from Any Reviews Platform

In addition to the automated function of Locals.Reviews, you may also easily manually add reviews from any other reviews platform.

You can't have too many reviews!

Review Counts Embedded into Your Site's Schema Markup

Since the Locals.Reviews program is a recognized, authoritative 3rd party reviews platform, results that print on your website will show in search engine results pages.

The Locals.Reviews program automatically keeps your reviews counts updated.

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