Text Messaging SMS Blastpad

Text Messaging SMS Blastpad

So Easy to Use, Even an Adult Can Do it!

The A1 Small Business Marketing SMS Blast Pad is so easy to use that even an adult can do it!  Now you can get your message out to your specific audience instantly using the smsBlastpad.

8 times more effective than email, with most messages read within 15 minutes, nothing is faster or more effective for fast and affordable, targeted broadcast messages.

How does the smsBLASTpad Work?

How it Works

How people sign up

Your customers simply use the screen to enter their cell phone number to be added to your blast list.  Our program allows them to complete the opt-in at the screen!  Simple!

When you are ready to send a text blast, you login with your chosen 4 digit code, compose your text and send it.  Simple!

If your customer decides they don't want the texts anymore, they simply reply with STOP to be removed from your list.

How you send messages

You login with your 4 digit code, compose your message and send from the pad.  EASY!

You will have a website login that you may send from as well as sending from your convenient Blastpad.

Why it Works

  1. It is easy for your customers to sign up.
  2. It is easy for you to send texts to them with your special offers.
  3. It is a direct communication from you that they have REQUESTED.
  4. It is NOT like email, so your text message is NEVER treated like SPAM email.  (Your text gets read!)
  5. Mobile text marketing averages 8 times the response rate of email marketing!