Website Solutions for Independent, Local Restaurants



Make It

We provide a full suite of website services including website design, custom programming, a DIY website builder, maintenance & hosting.

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Market It

We provide Local Search, Social Media, Reviews Platforms, Article Writing & Distribution,and Email & Text Message (SMS) Marketing.

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Manage It

We have included a powerful and easy to use customer feedback program that enables you to effectively monitor your food quality and service.

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We're All About YOUR Business!



It’s risk-free to you because we take the risk for you.

You don’t pay for anything until you’re satisfied.



Your privacy is being protected. We won’t violate your privacy. 

We won't ask for your credit card & won’t send you a bill.



Your custom website demonstration is always free.

We've got ten service bundles, starting at just $15/mo!



Just fill in the blanks! Watch the easy-to-follow videos.

Take as much time as you want!  Call us for a free introduction.



Don’t want to build your own site? We’ll build it for you.  You can name your own price!

If you like it, you buy it.
If you don’t like it … you don’t buy it.
… and you owe us nothing!



We’ve been developing sites since 1998.  Our site builder & CMS has been in use since 2003.

If we can’t keep you happy, take your website to any other hosting company that you choose. 



What can you do with your site built with Best Way Websites?

Anything! - Unlimited images, pages and videos.

We've got TONS of our own features and plug-ins.



An eMenu (click to create PDF), easy video embed, slide shows, photo galleries, reviews program and more.   

If you need a feature that is not yet available, we’ll create it for you!



With us, SUPPORT gets priority over SALES.

We know that is “opposite” or “backwards” of the way other companies operate.

This is just one of the reasons we are Best Way Websites!




Our platform and program are “YOU focused.” 

We created it to serve in the best interests of our customers, not our company's. 

We continue to develop it via collaboration with our customers.




We’ll do our BEST to ensure the success of your business.

We expect to be able to keep your business only because we deserve to keep it.

We know what needs to happen for your site to meet or exceed what you want. 




Keep Your Business LOCAL without Sacrificing Anything!

We make our existing customers our priority. What's important to you is important to us.

Best Way Websites is always 100% US support, 100% of the time!


Internet Marketing Solutions for Restaurants

Internet Marketing Solutions for Restaurants

Best Choice Restaurants provides services for restaurants that help them attract more customers, increase their satisfaction and make more money.

A service of Best Way Websites in Port Angeles, Washington, we create custom solutions with independent restaurant owners in mind.

Website Services

Restaurant Website Design

We employ what we have termed "Results Based Website Development".  When developing (or redeveloping as we often do) a website for a restaurant, we know that we must create a site that the restaurant owner is pleased with.  We also want to be proud of it.  

Restaurant Website Templates

Our website development solution uses a framework of highly configurable base themes (not really templates) that enable our clients to use their own textual content, photos and videos as well as an available stock image library.

Utilizing themes rather than outdated, confining "website templates" enables our clients to get exactly what they want.

DIY Restaurant Website Builder

If you want to build your own website, Best Way Websites provides a free, DIY website builder.  You may create a free account, complete your personal and business profile and then follow the step by step instructions to build your own website.

Website Hosting for Restaurants

Best Way Websites is a full service, business class hosting provider.  If you do not want to use our website builder or content management system, standalone, unlimited hosting starts at just $15/mo and includes a free domain.

Restaurant Website Maintenance

Most of our clients use our CMS (Content Management System) to make almost all of their updates to their sites themselves.  Our CMS is super easy to use and it includes video tutorials for each screen, a user guide and an internal support ticket system.

However, if you want partial or complete, routine maintenance for your website, we can provide that as well.

Marketing Services

Local Search Marketing Services for Restaurants

You need to be easily discoverable in your local market and it is a must for restaurants to be found via search when people are using mobile devices.

Our local search marketing program ensures that your business's citation is accurate and consistent across all of the major data aggregators.

Reviews Platforms

Reviews may often make or break your restaurant business.  You will inevitably get some negative reviews that are not fair.  Since you and all of your staff are human, no matter how careful you are, you will end up getting some less than favorable reviews that you do deserve as well.

Social Media Marketing

The majority of your restaurant guests are using social media every day.  It is a good idea to be active in those social media platforms that are most valuable to your business, and what determines their value is simple: is your target actively using them?

Article Creation and Distribution

The foundation for any local business's SEO (search engine optimization) efforts today should start with a professionally managed Local Search Marketing program.

Such a program will ensure that your business's citation is accurate and consistent across all of the major data aggregators, which in turn provide data to thousands of internet directories and the major search engines.

Email Marketing

Best Choice Restaurants, a Best Way Websites' brand, has teamed up with A1 Email Marketing to provide a business-class email marketing platform for local restaurant owners.

SMS (Text Message) Marketing

The A1 Small Business Marketing SMS Blast Pad is so easy to use that even an adult can do it!  Now you can get your message out to your specific audience instantly using the smsBlastpad.

8 times more effective than email, with most messages read within 15 minutes, nothing is faster or more effective for fast and affordable, targeted broadcast messages.

Management Services

Customer Feedback NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Our feedback and reviews program works on your website and provides you with an easy way to monitor how you are doing regarding important aspects of your business via your NPS.

When customer's provide their feedback, they can tell you directly about their experiences with your restaurant: food quality, cleanliness, ambiance and your staff interactions.

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